Our last wedding day made in the beautiful setting of Hato Verde Golf Club has left a very good impression, It's been a busy day for all employees, we know that they have as much or more enthusiasm than us to show in an original way, all that we can offer in each event.
The aim was to gather in one place all a dream wedding may need to be unique and fully customized, relying on the latest trends in this new year and surrounded by the best professionals. For that we created a space where couples could approach to ask, find inspiration and learn firsthand peacefully and freedom necessary services for your link.

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Attendees were able to enjoy a wide variety of stands, from original and creative decorations of the company Petit Pua, striking decorative lightings, mappings and plays of light with which we are delighted our fellow Electrifik-2, proposals with the latest fashion trends, the best ideas for Honeymoon Travel by OferTravel, Specialized photographers Photographic and Video Reports as our friend Dani Sola, flowers, Candy, the bridal car and of course one of our favorite subjects: Details for guests, sweet details ... the best options makeup, hairstyle and aesthetics for our future brides are perfect. All enlivened with live music by singer Ana Lois and incredible piano versions. To conclude the event, offered a buffet tasting all attendees so they could see first hand the potential of our latest culinary creations that add to our menu on 2016. green herd collaborators event 2

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We can only thank the entire team of Essence to put soul into every work and all participants and providers who actually did this event:
OferTravel El Palmar, Autocares Lemus, LeClinic, La Dulce Vita, Anita Lois, Sounds and Fotomatón Cano, Distilled Gin Malvaloca, Plaza Florist, Touched Jaquelín Martin Caceres, Electrifik-2 lighting and shows, Estetica Natural Health, Events and Celebrations Ruiz Hnos, Alquilandia, Dani Sola, Jessmanluxecar, safety pua, brief visit, Vimaple, The tents Antequerano, Diego Vazquez, exclusive Hispasur, Montesierra, Pablo Gomez, Solear.

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Photographs performed by Dani Sola.