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In these dates so endearing and family, we are proud of the year that will end in a few days. They have been many positive and not so positive experiences but successfully eliminate with, we could not pass up the time to thank our customers trust in us and had equipment Events essence Alma in general.

Our journey in the 2015 It began with a spectacular wedding day in Jerez, where the influx of couples was such that we are almost surprised and overwhelmed… really spectacular, Bodegas wonderful experience Romate, where it was held.

Throughout this road we have established trade ties with large outdoor spaces of great importance in the coast of Huelva and Cadiz: Mykonos Beach Club, Alhma Beach, The Canuelo, Hotel Varadero, Hotel La Peña, etc.

They are also important for us ties with the Haciendas: Mendieta, La Moharra, Bodegas Sánchez Romate, Sailing Pavilion, La Pintada, Mechina, etc. Many more spaces and lounges, many unnamed but here we appreciate your cooperation with Events essence Alma.


In these days we have made very special wedding that marked our heart and created a bond that goes beyond mere business, He was born a beautiful friendship.


We want to mention that Events essence Alma He is proud and grateful to each company, supplier and he has at some time been part of this wonderful year. Give thanks to Pua Petit Decoration, Entertainment highlights and Electrifik-2, Dani Sola, Yellow rocket, Dulce Vita, Ruiz Brothers, Live Communication, Ofertravel, Alquisillas, Diego Vazquez and etc.… many thanks to all of them, your contribution has created essence events.

For all this precious year, Heart we do participate in this card so that you can feel also felicitated… cociner all our @ s @ s and camarer: To, Maria Jesus, Isabel, Rocio, Pepi, Buy, Mamen, Mariola, Josefi, Charo, Juan Antonio, Fran, Llilli, Migue, Francis, Miguel, Bows, Andrés, David, Alex, Victor, Sparrow, Angela, Raimon, Manuel, Ruben, Migue, Natalia, Isabelita, Maria, Mariló, Rocio, Adri, Lucia, Antonin, Rafita, Mulito, Juan, Conso, etc. Give them all for all named because you will appreciate and value… you are simply the best.