Soon spring approaches and we begin to see thousands of flowers where before we saw leaves, so today we bring you a very simple tutorial to make the wait shorter. The idea is to decorate helium balloons with a wreath of flowers for later use in your wedding or party. You can use a single large balloon for some of the wedding photos or you can use more than one to decorate a particular space you please highlight.

Post balloons boda1 balloon post wedding


we need:
Flores, a giant balloon, floral tape, Scotch tape, scissors and thread.

Steps to follow:
1. Inflate the balloon and tie a long rope to the base. Meanwhile go cutting and preparing flowers and seerdes that you use.
2. Paste zealously some green leaves at the top of the rope and secure with floral tape.
3. Go green alternating with flowers following the previous step, first gluing tape and reinforcing them with floral tape (Glue can also be used in case you want extra support).
4. Fill the bottom rope to the end trying to place several flower heads so the weight prevents the balloon from flying (if necessary you can put a small weight of sand hidden among the flowers).

Blog diy Globes 2

Blog diy Globes 3

And ready! Easy and nice, Do not you think?

If after this little tutorial you decide that crafts are not your, Do not worry, in essence we have a team of decorators who will do it for you.

Idea and photography: