the start of the wedding season approaches and we want to show you some of the most important trends of this new year, all these new trends and many more will be able to enjoy live on our next Wedding Day to be held on 30 January in the Hato Verde Golf Club.

Buffet cocktails and amazing drinks
Receive guests with a cocktail bar and chilly drinks served by a talented bartender is always a successful event. Aim the latest trends to leave everyone with an open mouth: a cocktail of rose petals, a repertoire of unique flavors waters (coconut water, you have, citronella, ginger).

tropical drinks sesencia

Menus of the world
The fusion cuisine is full now and in the world of weddings more and more couples want to innovate or pay homage to their origins or countries of origin and at the same time to surprise your guests including traditional dishes from their culture, multicultural menus and cocktails welcome, Arab delicious snacks, indues strokes or Asian.


Traditional pastries
The cakes or pies naked without any coverage, in which the protagonist is the filling, They have been the great triumph of the wedding cakes in 2015 and will continue to be so in 2016. Adorned with fresh flowers, berries or wild branches, They are presented as a buffet, at a large table with homemade biscuits with irresistible appearance and romantic touch.

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Hanging Centers Mesa
This is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking wedding trends 2016 and most guests leave with an open mouth. This beautiful effect is achieved by suspending flowers with lights on the tables is as enchanted forest, absolutely beautiful, original.

decoration tables essence

Banquetes ‘free-from’
In essence we are aware of the ever growing demand for exclusive menus for coeliacs, dairy-free vegan or has led to a whole foodie trend that will be watching the wedding receptions in the coming years. Since gluten-free menus, through lunch and dinner created with completely raw ingredients (raw vegan diets) biological or culture (bodas eco-friendly), to brunch and buffets designed according to the rules of the paleo diet (rich in meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts). They are perhaps unconventional menus, but full custom.

Menus for vegans essence

Unique spaces
The most creative and innovative partners prefer that your celebration takes place in a unique space as they provide some relevant and unusual architectural buildings: a museum, a cave, a factory, a loft, even a large indoor attic, a farm, a winery or theater, thus displacing traditional wedding halls, farms or hotels.

various celebrations

Instagram corners
The influence of social networking is unstoppable, the wedding planers and other industry experts expect to see in the most modern weddings called "corners Instagram", spaces celebration decorate the bride and groom with the "Instagram factor" in mind, hand of elements that make it more susceptible to photograph the style of Instagram: special photo booth, signs and luminous signs, typical social network frames, without forgetting the wedding official hashtags to encourage guests to upload the photos to their profiles. Essentially just we released our instagram (esenciaeventos) where you can see all the news about upcoming weddings performed.

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Detail sweet farewell
Just when your guests come to say goodbye and thank you for the evening, you can offer them something sweet to taste on his return home; It may be a cracker or decorated cupcake, a cup of espresso and a traditional sweet, mini tartlets akimbo, clouds of hot chocolate with mint ... In this way, guests will know that the couple have thought about them until the last moment of celebration.

Farewell sweet essence