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The wedding on the beach is a great idea for grooms looking for your wedding is very original and memorable, both for them and as for all your guests.
Make a wedding on the beach has many advantages, today we bring 6 reasons why the couple prefer to do your wedding near the sea:

1.- Moreover Romantic
The atmosphere of a sunset on the beach is super romantic, the sea, sand and sunset are the best allies for the wedding to be the most romantic.

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2.- more intimate wedding
For many guests it is difficult to organize a trip for a wedding, and if the bride and groom are not so close. This significantly reduces the guest list.
Guests who are willing to make the trip to attend spending, are the most important people for boyfriends, Wedding doing so become more intimate.

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3.- minimalist decor
No need to invest both in decor. In such a majestic backdrop, small decorative details are enough to make the place look.

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4.- great photos
Each wedding photos have a spectacular setting.
Besides having all the important wedding photos waterfront, you can have a later session (the next day or after), in which the couple are already more relaxed with the whole world time. And even the bride can put to sea with her wedding dress in a photo shoot "Trash the Dress"

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5.- Guests funniest
Get away from everyday life reduces stress. So the guests are more relaxed on the beach all the time and bring fun to the surface.

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6.- unforgettable wedding
All events around the wedding and travel, They are become funny anecdotes for the couple and for guests, making the beach wedding an unforgettable experience for all.

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So you already know, celebrate your wedding on the beach essence that your link will become more exciting and memorable yet.